Greenhouses & Tunnels
Cover Films for Growing Tunnels

Greenhouses and high tunnels are structures covered with a solar ray-transmitting film.

Munch & (Thermal) Solarization film
Munch & Solarization film

Mulch film is laid on the ground for protection, insulation and for protection against soil temperature extremes.

Low tunnels films
Low tunnels films

Low tunnels enable growing vegetables under protected conditions, extension of the growing season, earlier harvesting during cold seasons and improvement of the crop quality.

SHEETs for agri- & Horticulture

Insects play an important role in causing plant diseases, damaging crops. insects penetrate the plant through the subsoil parts, causing various diseases in the crops.

Protective Nets

Protect your harvest with our protective nets, mash nets, anti-insect nets, but also shadow/shade nets and anti-hail protective agrocultural nets.

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Product categories

Quality solutions for professionals

Aalex Reed Agro Products offers a wide range of solutions for Greenhouses, Agri, Agro & Horticulture.

For all professionals we offer the best equipment and service. We are specialized in the construction of greenhouses from glass or high-durability film, groundcovers, mulch films, mash protection nets, fumigation, silo-bags, but also irrigation systems, climate control, trolleys and a lot more specialized equipment for greenhouses.

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Featured products


Our Silo bags, introduces a low-cost effective efficient way to stores the grains and forages in a safe.

Our system offers a supreme grade of preservations of the grains, is totally portable and relocatable at a very quick implementation.

Grains can be stored just at the harvest site or designated site, our system can provided a higher moisture content than is allowed in traditional receival systems. All this suitable for both extreme heat and extreme cold climates.

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