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Greenhouse trolley. In horticulture, the multipurpose (electrical) pipe rail trolleys are crucial. They are employed in greenhouse maintenance and repair, high and low crop handling, crop spraying, and crop harvesting.

The pipe rail trolleys will proceed along the existing greenhouse heating pipes, which will serve as rails. The machinery can navigate the greenhouse with ease in this fashion. The pipe rail trolleys can be made to slide off the rails and continue driving on the concrete floor by using flange rollers. In this manner, you can maneuver the pipe rail trolley between the greenhouse’s several paths in a safe manner.

There is a wide range of types available in our selection of greenhouses trolleys. Standard pipe rail trolleys, which are mechanical scissors, are available for simpler tasks at lower altitudes. In addition, we provide a large selection of electrical pipe rail trolleys for greenhouses. These hydraulic pipe rail trolleys, available in single and double configurations, guarantee effective height work. The plateau’s height can be changed hydraulically. In this manner, working on the crops at the proper height is made quite easy. Not to add, using our pipe rail trolleys is incredibly safe, which is vital to know when working at heights.