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UVA Clear Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting

Clear Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting with coating that transmits sun rays covers buildings like greenhouses and high tunnels. Against wind, rain, snow, and other natural calamities, the building offers the crops physical protection. A climate control system is also possible inside. The production output per hectare is significantly increased with agricultural films, and crop quality is also improved. Globally, the agricultural industry has witnessed a transition from traditional to modern farming methods due to the rise in global food demand. Better circumstances that result in higher quality and productivity are made possible by climate control inside the building. A year-round supply of flowers, vegetables, and fruits can be produced by growing them inside climate-controlled greenhouses or tunnels.

Boosting productivity and safeguarding crops
More effective production and crop security techniques are required due to expanding populations and consumers’ growing demand for year-round access to fresh fruit. A flexible material, polyethylene may be used to make agricultural films that protect crops and increase crop yield. The film is resource-effective, long-lasting, and maintains its integrity. This can all result in a lengthier harvest season.