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Proofing fumigation film

Proofing fumigation film for greenhouse, agriculture & horticulture. Why you need a Fumigation sheet? Insects play an important role in causing plant diseases, damaging crops. The insects penetrate the plant through the subsoil parts, causing various diseases in the crops. Disease symptoms may be sprout mortality, shriveling or inexplicable dehydration. These pathogens are found at depths of tens of centimeters in tiny locations, making it very difficult to fumigate them. In the absence of proper soil treatment, these pathogens can remain in the soil for many years, preventing sensitive crops from being grown in this soil. Their activities are influenced by the soil’s physical properties and by the microorganisms living inside it. Modern intensive agriculture, which is characterized by multiple crops on the same soil, is conducive to the rapid proliferation of these diseases and amplifies their damage. Soil-dwelling pathogen fumigation is done in a variety of methods. The most common are the chemical fumigation sheet and solar fumigation.