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Fertilizer Blender – The Unimix Series

Fertilizer Blender. The Unimix Fertilizer Blenders are compact and versatile fertilizer mixing units. The standard models comprises a cost-effective construction that features all required functionalities. Multiple options can be added to the standard model to meet all needs and fit every budget.

The fertilizer is dosed by means of a combination of venturi pumps and injection valves. The standard model includes electric valve connections and a EC- and pH- control system to add the right proportion of nutrients to the irrigation water. The software controls valves on a time-based principle, allowing a huge flexibility in the valve program. You can use the mixing unit for direct or dripping irrigation as well as filling silos with a recipe. From the silo the liquid can then be pumped through a filter combination to the greenhouse. Of course, a combination of both options is also possible. The control system for the Unimixers are programmed by a control computer. This allows for flexible handling of exceptional situations in which the program can be adjusted. An easily controllable panel allows the user to adjust the settings and view the actual status of the irrigation.