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Low tunnel film

Low tunnel film, enables growing vegetables under protected conditions, extension of the growing season, earlier harvesting during cold seasons and improvement of the crop quality. These films feature very high mechanical strength per thickness, facilitating quick and easy spreading. These films are adapted to the climate, region, type of crop and season and can be ordered with ventilation holes of different sizes and at different intervals in accordance with the needs of your crop.

Low tunnel Plastic films are thin plastic coverings made for agricultural uses, mainly in building low tunnels for protecting crops.

These films are pliable and lightweight, making installation and removal simple. They produce a microclimate that promotes plant growth while acting as a barrier against harmful weather, pests, and diseases. In order to create a structure that resembles a tunnel and efficiently protects the plants below, the film is spread over a number of supports or hoops. Low tunnel plastic greenhouses are an economical way to lengthen the growing season, enhance crop quality and output, and make the best use of available resources. They are frequently used by farmers and producers to safeguard sensitive plants, lengthen the growth season, and improve agricultural performance in general.

The distributor of high-quality, low-tunnel plastic for agricultural uses in Australia is Aalex Reed Agroproduct.

Our cutting-edge manufacturing procedure guarantees the creation of long-lasting films with the best attributes. Through careful material blending and precision extrusion technology, our low tunnel plastic is produced, achieving strength, flexibility, and UV resistance. The films provide exceptional durability, withstanding adverse weather and safeguarding crops. They are UV stabilized to withstand damage from sunshine and permit sufficient light transmission for good plant growth. Our films offer dependable crop protection against environmental variables and have a good tear resistance.

Our low tunnel plastic is adaptable for various low tunnel designs and crop varieties because it is lightweight and simple to install and remove. We place a high priority on quality control and provide choices for customization to fit particular needs. prompt delivery,