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Plastic Mulches for Melons & strawberries

Plastic Mulches for Melons & strawberries. Agricultural plastic mulch is laid on the ground for protection, insulation and for protection against soil temperature extremes. Mulching film prevent the penetration of unfavorable exterior influences. The temperature under the film also rises, which means that your crops will grow at a more even rate. Our Agricultural plastic mulch are capable of fully transmitting visible light, reflecting visible light or selectively transmitting visible and ultraviolet light. Aalex Reed offers a broad range of multilayer films, transparent, single-shade or dual-shade, in various dimensions and according to customer requirements. These films are manufactured in thicknesses ranging from 20 microns to 400 microns and at widths of up to 14.5 meters.

In comparison to bare ground, plastic mulches and drip irrigation provide growers many advantages for highly productive horticultural production of fresh fruits and vegetables. These include higher yields, a use of less precious resources, and healthier plants:


  • Reduces weed infestation,
  • tempers weather variations,
  • modifies soil temperature,
  • lessens soil compaction and erosion,
  • encourages earlier crop maturity,
  • encourages higher quality crops, and boosts crop yields by up to 300%.
  • 75% less water is used.

In order to produce horticulture, it is essential to rid the soil of weeds and soil-borne pathogens. Special mulch films for soil disinfestation include solarization films in conjunction with solar heat and fumigation films in conjunction with fumigants, which are volatile insecticides. Total impermeable fumigation films (TIF) reduce the amount of expensive fumigants needed since they keep them from escaping into the atmosphere.