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Protective Agricultural Nets

Anti Hail nets

Protective Agricultural Nets

Anti Insect nets

Protective Agricultural Nets

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Agricultural Nets and Horticultural Nets

Our protective netting for agriculture. Agricultural and Horticultural Nets provide an unique, cutting-edge solution. By cooperating with the most renowned research institutions and Agro-tech companies, we continually develop state-of-the-art crop protection solutions that meet the costumer’s requirements. All products are tested and proven to suit wide ranging climates and environments complying with the strictest international standards. Our solutions & products serve a diverse group of vegetable, fruit and herb growers.

Aalex Reed, specialist in plastic mesh solutions for the agricultural industry, offers a variety of extruded plastics and woven agricultural netting with accessories. We provide solutions for every aspect of the agriculture industry, including growing fruits and vegetables, viticulture, forestry, landscaping, harvest protection, and raising cattle.

Additionally, we are constantly working to reduce our negative influence on the environment. We continually look for innovative solutions and make investments in the creation of next-generation ecological products that are 100% biodegradable and compostable.