Unimix XL Fertilizer Mixer

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The Unimix XL is a computerized fertilizer mixer / pump station, accurately measuring and controlling EC and pH in irrigation water, controlling and dosing the irrigation water gift to the plants. The fertilizer mixture from the A, B and acid/base tanks is dosed into the fresh water in the large mixing tank by means of very accurate dosing valves with, so called, water jet venturi-pumps. Unimix XL is used between 20 and 100 m3 per hour. The Unimix XS can be used for applications between 5 to 30 m3 per hour. Unimix XL unit has a flexible design and can be adjusted to meet all your specific requirements like capacity and number of fertilizer menu’s. The flexibility, reliability and accuracy makes the Unimix XL unit, already for many years, an excellent, well known and appreciated product by growers around the world.


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