Meto Spray Trolley

The Meto spray trolley is used for automatic spraying of crops.
With the use of the Meto spray trolley there is no longer the need to be between the crop during spraying. In addition, the Meto spray trolley brings labour cost savings with the capacity, in conjunction with a Meto Transportation cart, to automatically spray your entire greenhouse. This Meto spray trolley is expressly designed for the automatic spraying of crops. The computer controlled Meto is easily operated. The operating panel is compact, easy in his use and provided with touch controls.

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The Meto can spray in both forward and reverse motion at variable speed settings.
It also caters to sub-section spraying requirements e.g. the last 20 meters of a path. The unit is equipped with a double spray-boom allowing for supplementary spraying of specific locations. A stainless steel boom sprays the crops both sides of the path. The other boom sprays forward onto the gable where most infection habitually originates. The latest technological developments have been incorporated into the Meto and its spray boom meeting the primary importance factors of extensive crop coverage and uniformity of the drops. Without such the spraying activity renders otherwise a futile exercise!

Advantages of the Meto spray unit:

  • Excellent uniform spray quality
  • Improved labour conditions
  • Labour saving
  • Eliminates cumbersome between crop movements whilst spraying
  • Automatic path to path transportation in combination with Meto Transportation cart
  • Suitable for intensive usage
  • High reliability factor proven through years of experience


  • Horizontal spraying boom for spraying / watering of gerbera’s, roses and pot plants
  • Different sizes
  • Drum for extended hoses (>95 meter)

The Meto is supplied with hose reel and guide rail, consequently eliminating the typical scenario of hose pulling and dragging considerably limiting roll and unroll effects. The Meto can be applied to a wide range of crops such as cucumbers, tomatoes, gerbera’s, roses, carnations and even pot plants. The Meto proves a rich asset to any greenhouse. Future legal stipulations will prohibit the presence of any persons in the greenhouse for the duration of spraying activity. The epitome of innovation, the Meto is a long-lasting investments in the future. The Meto Transportation cart fully automatically moves the Meto spray unit to the next path. Meto spray unit application: Automatic spraying / watering of crops.

Technical Data
Length trolley 170 cm
Width trolley 52 cm
Height excl. spray boom 175 cm
Traction batteries 24V/110Ah
Motor capacity 0.37Kw
Maximum speed 70m/min
Reel, ½” hose 95 mtr
Pay attention: up to 140 mtr possible


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