Micothon Amazone

The Meto spray trolley is used for automatic spraying of crops.
With the use of the Meto spray trolley there is no longer the need to be between the crop during spraying. In addition, the Meto spray trolley brings labour cost savings with the capacity, in conjunction with a Meto Transportation cart, to automatically spray your entire greenhouse. This Meto spray trolley is expressly designed for the automatic spraying of crops. The computer controlled Meto is easily operated. The operating panel is compact, easy in his use and provided with touch controls.

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The Micothon Amazone is a self propelled spraying machine for use in tomato, cucumber and pepper growing in greenhouses. Micothon uses patented air-assisted sprayings technology that gives you 79% better spraying results compared to standard spraying machines.


  • 79% better spraying results
  • Dramatic Reduction of PPP’s
  • Optimal Crop Protection
  • ROI within one year

Technical basics:
The spraying unit is driving on the tube rail system by an integrated transport unit. It is programmed to drive towards the end of the tubes, stand still for a moment and return while spraying and blowing the fluid through the crops. The machine is powered by 400 volt electric power. The fluid is taken from a central pressure piping system and transported to the machine with a ½” high pressure hose. The reels with cable and hose are mounted on the machine. This way the concrete path is free while the machine is driving. After returning on the concrete path, the machine is pushed to the next row manually. After pushing the start button the machine will make the next working cycle by itself.

Benefits of using the Amazone sprayer for your greenhouse crops:

  1. 79% better spraying results . The bottom side of the leaves is also covered due to the streaming air; no hiding place for your plants threats.
  2. Exceptional Reduction of PPP’s. Your better spraying results in less use of PPP’s and less grow disturbance of your plants.
  3. Efficient Crop Protecting. Reduced number of spraying rounds leads to high results with low efforts. Less spraying results in healthier more valuable products.
  4. Straightforward operating. One button push makes the machine running by itself; the operator only has to check and move the machine to the next row after the working cycle of the machine.
  5. ROI within one year in a 4 ha greenhouse.


Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.00/1.75 x 0.65 x 4.00/2.25 m
Weight 480 kg. ex hoses/cable
Air output 3.300 m3/hr; 5900 Pa
Capacity 1500-2500 m2 /hr (dep. greenhouse layout)
Fluid consumption 1500-7000 L/10.000 m2
Working pressure Max. 6 bar (optimal droplet size); automatic pressure control
Pump System pressure Max. 35 bar
Power supply 380V, 3 phases, neutral and earth
Min. 30 mA earth leakage switch
Output 3.5-Kw
Fuse 16 Amp
Length of reel cable 60 – 180 metres
Length of reel hose 60 – 180 metres
3 way nozzle holders
Nozzles, yellow hoh 10 cm 0.8 L at 6 Bar
Nozzles, brown hoh 10 cm 0.52 L at 6 Bar
Nozzles, purple hoh 10 cm 0,39 L at 6 Bar
Machine control Touch screen
Adjustable in program Path length, Spray and drive speed, Fanspeed, Spraytime at gable, spraytime at central path
Program language English


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