Benomic EasyKit

Benomic EasyKit, the innovative budget model.
For all these daily jobs where an advanced hydraulic pipe rail trolley is not strictly necessary we introduce the Benomic EasyKit. Everything that’s not directly necessary for the proper working of a pipe rail trolley you won’t find on this innovative budget model.

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Manually adjustable: Greenhouses have become bigger and therefore the plant rows got longer. As a result of this the need for a variable platform height became less important. A lot of crop-work or other activities are being done on a fixed height. For this reason our Benomic EasyKit is fitted with a manual adjustable platform.

Easy and less maintenance: Because of the smart design and since there is no hydraulic system on board we reduced the possibility of technical problems. Maintenance is quite simple and with an optional service- or spare part kit can be handled within your own company.

Working platform: A spacious, strong and safe place to work. With the help of a smart guiding system the platform can be manually shifted along the poles and fixed on any desired height. The safety fence around the platform creates a safe working place for your employees. The platform can be manually adjusted (15 cm steps) between 40 cm and 280 cm. The platform is easy accessible because of a door on each side. As a result of the low weight of the trolley it’s very easy to maneuver.

Tilt sensor: To improve the safety conditions when working with pipe rail trolleys a tilt sensor is optionally installed.
This device will warn you with an acoustic signal when the pipe rail system is not level. (Installation of a tilt sensor depends on local regulations and safety norm).

Motor control / drive system: Like big brother BENOMIC, the EasyKit is equipped with the same, reliable control box which makes it possible to drive back- and forward at any desired speed.
The heart of the drive system is a solid 24 V/50 Ah electromotor. Equipped with a chain drive system this motor gives the trolley a maximum speed of m/min.

Electric controls: We installed simple and reliable control switches and foot pedal which makes it possible for anyone to use the trolley.

Transport costs: We will deliver the Benomic Easy Kit as a kit which must be assembled on location. Smart adjustable wheel size: Within a few minutes you can adapt the width of the trolleys to the most common pipe rail systems, varying from 42,5 to 80 cm.

Technical Data
Length Trolley 174 cm
Width Trolley ctc+10 cm
Length Platform 110 cm
Width Platform 45 cm
Min. Height 20/40 cm
Max. Height 280 cm
Interval 15 cm
Weight 130 kg
Max. Workload 100 kg
Max. Speed 40 m/min
Weight 130 kg
Battery (semi traction) 24V/50 V/Ah


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