Clip System Tomato / Cucumber

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New tying concept for greenhouse plants.
Clip System is a new tying system for greenhouse crops for tying the plants to the twine with galvanized metal clips. Fast, cost and eco friendly. Up to 10 hours of battery life. For tying tomato, pepper, cucumber, etc. No specialized labor required. There is a considerable reduction in labor time with the staple. When compared to plastic clips, the time saving provided by the tying system is approximately 40%. The staple can be stored in a very small space compared to plastic systems. With the staple there is a considerable reduction in labor time. Up to 6.03 hours/ha on every stapling session which equates to 120 hours/hectare in a growing season. Due to its careful design, the staple correctly supports the plant without causing any damage.


  • Labour saving: Up to 1 person per hectare intying task.
  • Tying speed 40 % faster: Up to cucumber 1,800-2,200 staples / hour.
  • Costs reduction: Storage and transport costs reduction.
  • User friendly: No need of skilled labour.
  • Plant health: The staple allows the plant to grow without stress.
  • Degradability: The staple degrades in the compost plant.


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