Silo bags

Silobags Silage
Silobags Silage

Our Silo bags, introduces a low-cost effective efficient way to stores the grains and forages in a safe.

Our system offers a supreme grade of preservations of the grains, is totally portable and relocatable at a very quick implementation.

Grains can be stored just at the harvest site or designated site, our system can provided a higher moisture content than is allowed in traditional receival systems. All this suitable for both extreme heat and extreme cold climates.


Harvest season comes with high demands and high prices..

During high demand profit can be differed because of the cost of; Headers, Trucks, Fixed Steel Silos, Personnel and Logistics

Silobags Silage
Silobags Silage
Silobags Silage


The application of Silo bags can lower all the cost that comes with high demand.

  • No need for instant transport
  • No investment and maintenance on fixed steel silos
  • No need for high demand of workers
  • Move later at better price
  • No need to sell during the high demand
  • Low logistics
  • Always in stock
  • Low cost and easily transportable machine
  • Eliminates costly on farm storage systems
  • Store on farm with no wastage or slippage
  • You only buy what storages you need
  • Grain retains its quality and color
  • The bag is airtight, therefore chemicals are not normally required to control insects eliminate costly harvester downtime
  • Harvest times are greatly accelerated

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For all professionals we offer the best equipment and service. We are specialized in the construction of greenhouses from glass or high-durability film, groundcovers, mulch films, mash protection nets, fumigation, silo-bags, but also irrigation systems, climate control, trolleys and a lot more specialized equipment for greenhouses.

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