Top Cleaner Poly

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The Top Cleaner Poly is a lightweight gutter cart that rides through the greenhouse gutter by means of the two hydraulic driven wheels and has a brush set on both sides. All brush discs are individual adjustable. The cart is strong enough to drag a water hose through the gutter. The needed power supply is taken care of by a compact silent generator.

Versatile applicability
The Top Cleaner Poly fits most modern foil covered greenhouses and can be adjusted to the different peak widths and the shape of the roof construction.

Washing and chalking
In order to make the Top Cleaner Poly as versatile and multifunctional as possible, we made sure it could do more than just clean; it can also brush the greenhouse gutters and the integrated spray masts can be used to apply a protective (shading)layer or coating.

A big advantage of the Top Cleaner Poly is that it can be easily moved to the adjacent peak by means of a maniscopic telehandler or a small truck with hoisting crane. Therefore, no large investments in transport rails and platforms are needed.

Hose reel including high pressure water pump:
This hydraulically driven hose reel is provided with a powerful water pump so there is a large amount of water available for washing.

Driving speed : Stepless up to 15m/minute
Cleaning Performance : approx. 1 hectare per day
Weight 6,40/9,60 model : approx. 270 KG including generator
Weight 12,80 model : approx. 350 KG including generator


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