E1503 Yellowish PE film – UVA Greenish

Yellowish multi layer diffused PE film. The light diffusion reduces construction and self shadows and allows the plants to receive a more even distribution of light during the day.

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Product: Yellowish PE film
Catalog Number: E1503
Durability: 2 years at 160-180 Kly, 3 years at 120 Kly
Thickness: 120-200 µ
Width: 1.0-14.5 m
Length: According to customer order


Property Test Method Units Value
Tensile Strength at break [MD] ASTM D-882 MPa. 22
Tensile Strength at break [TD] ASTM D-882 MPa. 22
Elongation at break [MD] ASTM D-882 % 600
Elongation at break [TD] ASTM D-882 % 600
Tear resistance [MD] ASTM D-1922 Kg./mm 9.0
Tear resistance [TD] ASTM D-1922 Kg./mm 11.0
Falling Dart Impact ASTM D-1709 gr. 1000
Total light transmission EN 2155 % 85
Total light diffusion EN 2155 % 50
Thermicity EN 13206 % 50
UV blocking EN 2155 %/nm 98/350
Thickness average EN 13206 % ±5% on nominal
Thickness tolerance EN 13206 % ±15%


  • Exposure to chemicals: exposure of greenhouse films to severe chemical conditions has an adverse effect on the lifetime of the film. Avoid excessive use of agrochemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers. Take measures to prevent direct contact of chemicals to the film. Ensure that metal structures are galvanized and are free from corrosion. When wooden structure parts are used, avoid contact of the film with resin, oil, petroleum or volatile preservatives. Prevent contact of the film with PVC accessories. Chemicals containing halogens, sulfur, copper, iron, are known to accelerate the degradation of greenhouse films. Specifically, if the following elements are found at levels higher than specified, the films are excluded from this warranty: Sulfur: max 400 ppm, Chlorine: 40 ppm, Iron 50 ppm
  • Overheating the film has an adverse effect on its lifetime. Hot air should be directed away from the film.
  • When gases are used to disinfect the soil, the treated soil must be covered with a film for a minimum of three weeks. After the film is removed, the greenhouse should be ventilated.

Two years

Transmission of light


Light scattering




Thermal additives




Chemical resistance




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